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Terms Of Service

By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.


Please write in clear and concise sentences.
Provide clean references.
A thorough description will also suffice BUT will likely cause the commission to take LONGER.
Any rude/obnoxious/condescending behaviour will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to cancel the commission if such behaviours are present.
Follow the TOS.
If you fail to follow the rules provided I have the right to decline or cancel your commission.


All commissions must all be paid in full upfront.
The currency accepted is USD.



Work In Progress images (WIPs) will only be given for commissions with a value exceeding $50 USD if the commissioner requests one.
WIPs might be given as well if the artist is unsure of something about the commission.

Your commission may take up to 3 months to complete. This is dependant on a number of factors such as;
Personal health, order of commission, complexity, employment, school, or family issues.

You will be notified if the time is likely to exceed 3 months due to any of the above factors.


I will do everything I can to make my customers happy.
However, after a commission is finished, only small changes can be made.
These are small colouring/marking mistakes.

Any major changes will incur a charge.
Major changes are;
Outfit change, outfit addition or subtraction, background change, anything that requires a complete redraw.

If your reference is unclear you must inform me, if you do not then even minor changes will incur a fee.
Make sure to be as clear as possible about what you want.


All rights, commercial and reproductive, are the property of the artist.

Therefore the artist is entitled to use the copyrighted artwork for;
Promotion and advertising.
Publication of books.
Display (digital and physical).

The commissioner is entitled to;
Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use.
Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.
Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.

If you infringe on the copyright of the commissioned piece in any way, you will lose your right to the work.

Copyright infringement consists of:

Reproducing/using the piece for commercial use (meaning making money off the piece).
Taking Credit for creation of the piece.
Removal of any watermarks/signatures.
Altering the artwork without consent of the artist.

A Purchase of Commercial rights to the artwork is 300% of original price. This is non-negotiable.
Purchase of the commercial rights entitles you to:
-Create merchandise of the piece.
-Reproduce the piece in books, covers, as props.
-Change the piece in any way.
-Self Promotion.
Credit is still required for usage of the artwork, even if altered or edited.


The artist reserves the right to cancel/refund your commission at any time, for any reason.
You may not cancel/demand a refund from the artist after payment has been made.
If payment has not been made, the commissioner you may cancel the commission with no repercussions.

In filling a chargeback you relinquish your rights to the piece as well as all other pieces made by the artist. The artist will then be granted the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
You will be placed on the artist's public blacklist. This means that you will not be able to commission the artist again, and it means that other artists will be able to avoid you should they choose to.
The artist may also file a legal complaint in this instance, as they are entitled to the payment promised as well as the fees incurred by the charge back and retrieval of the payment.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.