I primarily work though Pay what you want In Stream Commissions


What are these?

In stream commissions means I will work on the commission on a live stream, so you are able to see the image as I draw it.

Pay what you want means simply that, you pay the amount you want, and depending on how much you pay, I'll work for that long (ie if you pay me $10, I'll work for 30 minutes)


Announcments go out on Twitter when I am about to go live https://twitter.com/GaelicNox

I work for $20 USD an hour, once you pay me, the timer will begin, once the timer reaches the amount you paid for, you can choose to either pay more and have me work further on it, or cut it off there (note, if I am almost finished with what you wanted when the timer finishes, then I will continue to work on it)