How Commissions Work

I charge based on an hourly rate for most of my commissions* rather than a set price. This enables me to accurately cost the commissions out, rather than over/undercharging you, the customer.

I charge $20 USD per hour. The best way to contact me is via Twitter or discord (User below). We will discuss the commission, exactly what you're after, etc. Then, I will quote you a price. Once we're all happy with the details, I'll send you an invoice (either through Paypal, or email depending). Once the commission is paid for, I will begin working on the commission.

Discord - GaelicNox#3574

*Occasionally I will host flat fee commissions, ie twitch emotes, telegram stickers, ect

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Full Body Lineart.png
Full Body Flat.png
Full Body Simple Shaded.png
Full Body Complex Shaded.png
Chibi Sketch.png
Chibi Lineart.png
Chibi Flat.png
Chibi Simple Shading.png
Chibi Complex Shading.png

Streaming Schedule

This is my Twitch streaming schedule!

I try to stick to it religiously, however, life is a thing. If I am unable to stream on a certain day, I will announce it in my discord!

My live streams are a mix of art and gaming content, with the occasional request stream!